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Introduction Course to Norwegian Language / Norskspråk innføringskurs

Would you like to begin learning Norwegian language?

Lingo kurs- og kompetansesenter opens new language course on 10th and 31st of October – A1 Level: Norwegian for Beginners

Course fee: 4.500 NOK (≈70 kr/hour) + course material

Duration: 64 hours in 4 weeks (from Monday to Thursday, 4 hours per session)

Three modules: 9:00-12:30, 13:00-16:30, and 17:00-20:30

Start date: 10.10.2016 and 31.10.2016

Features: You will be able to develop questioning techniques, ask for and give information, give explanations, express your opinion in a more nuanced way. You will learn how to talk about events in the past and the future, ask and answer questions in a broader topic range, give information. You will also read simple texts and personal letters and write easily about personal experiences and everyday events

Vocabulary: About 1000 words to use during the abovementioned situations.

Grammar: Basic grammatical structures to be used during the abovementioned situations.

Certification: You will receive a diploma after a minimum of 75% attendance after the course fee is paid.

Address: Karl Johans gate 16B, 0154 Oslo

Contact person: Maxim Mukhamodeev

Registration: (Please specify which module do you want to apply to)

Tel: +47 46388886

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